The Seibels at River Oaks Garden Club

September 10, 2020

Have you ever met someone and just clicked with them right away? That was me and Melissa to a T. A funny back story about our first conversation. I am that person that I will ignore, ignore, ignore a number I don’t recognize. I kept getting a call from Colorado for a couple of days, but I never got a voicemail, so I didn’t think anything of it. After a few ignored calls I finally answered the call and it was Melissa on the other end and I explained how sorry I was for not answering and how I was just ignoring the number because I didn’t recognize it and she busted out laughing saying she is the same way and told me how she needed to update her number to a Texas number. We talked for over an hour just dreaming about her wedding, engagement session, and vision for her wedding day. I knew this wedding was going to be different because she had so many creative ideas. I got off the call with her and ran to my husband telling him how I felt like I just got off the phone with someone I felt like I knew my whole life. After Melissa and Carl met me at a cute coffee shop and seeing them together, I knew we were a perfect fit. We skipped a whole bunch of professional steps and became friends right away! 

Carl and Melissa got lucky with a warm January day which if you know anything about Texas weather, you never know what’s going to happen. The best way to describe Carl and Melissa’s wedding is romantic and vintage. Their colors were soft pinks, gold, and grays.

Carl and Melissa got married at the beautiful River Oaks Garden Club, this venue was perfect for their intimate wedding. It was built in 1910 and is registered in the National Register of Historic Places. This venue is stunning inside and out. It has serval beautiful gardens and a beautiful architectural exterior, allowing for the best photo opportunities. I definitely used every inch of the venue, talk about a photographer’s dream. Que the musicians! The ceremony was decorated with a beautiful gold floral ring arch with talented musicians setting the mood for the guests. Carl’s reaction to his beautiful bride coming down the aisle was everything! Their ceremony was full of love and tradition. Carl’s brother was the officiant, which was another personal touch I loved. “In the past six years and one day you have likely shared over a thousand kisses, but today the feeling is new as you are now so much more. Your next kiss is a promise you will make to each other and to your marriage”. I am such a sentimental person and I put deep thought into everything so seeing how much they both put in their day gave me all the feels. The biggest take away from the Seibel wedding was it doesn’t matter the size of your wedding, but the people who are there. 95% of the family and friends that attended their wedding flew on a plane to be there. If that doesn’t say LOVE I don’t know what does!

Some of my absolute favorite parts of the day:

The gift exchanges from one another, Carl gifted Melissa his promises to her framed and Melissa gifted Carl personalized cufflinks “Forever Starts Today” in her handwriting (so stinkin’ adorable). 

Melissa had her two brothers as Brides Men who were a part of her bridal party which I thought was the sweetest thing ever. They helped her carry her dress and fix her veil. Witnessing their relationship and their tight bond was the sweetest thing ever.

Carl and Melissa’s decided to do a first touch before their ceremony and read handwritten letters they wrote to each other. We picked a corner of the front porch of the venue and it was perfect! 

They ended their night officially, as the Seibels with a grand LED balloon lit exit with all of their friends and family cheering for them. 


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