Printing Your Wedding Photos

July 23, 2021

HAVE YOU PRINTED YOUR PHOTOS??? If you are hiring a photographer for your wedding day,


Often times the reason for not printing is because you may not know how to showcase your photos.

Here are three of my favorite ways to share my photos:

Picture Frames

I love a good sturdy frame from a large print. One of my favorite places to print is Smallwoods. Great quality images and wood frames. These can be hung on a stubborn blank wall either horizontal or vertical.

Photo Albums

Put your favorite photos in a gorgeous photo album and have it on your favorite bookshelf. Perfect way to always have them available and remember that special day!

Photo Album Box

My all time favorite would be a photo album box. I offer these glass photo heirloom boxes and not only are they functional for photos but also gorgeous on a end table or coffee table.

Your photos weren’t meant to stay on social media, print those babies out and put them on display.

How are you sharing your photos, comment below!


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